Oct 20, 2012 • 51M

Was The Ratification of the Constitution A Mistake?

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Bob Zadek
Bob talks about the issues that affect our lives on a daily basis from a purely libertarian standpoint. He believes in small government, fewer taxes, and greater personal freedom.<br /><br />America has lost its way, but it cannot and does not need to be reinvented. Our founders were correct about their approach to government, as were John Locke, Adam Smith and the other great political philosophers who influenced them. The country’s first principles are economic and social freedom, republicanism, the rule of law, and liberty. Bob believes we must take the best of our founding principles and work from them because a country without principles is just a landmass.
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For almost four years, Bob has been speaking about his uncompromising admiration for the work of the Founders. They drafted the Constitution and in getting it ratified by the colonies, created the United States of America. James Madison, George Washington, John Adams and their colleagues were above reproach. However, Bob has recently been drawn to the arguments of the Founders, of equal stature, who opposed Ratification. The arguments of those “anti-federalists” seem more compelling than those of the supporters of the Constitution. Who was right, especially given where the country is today? Hard question. In this episode, Tom Fleming joins Bob to discuss this intriguing issue. Tom is perhaps America’s greatest historian and most prolific writer on the subject of early American history. This show cannot be missed.