Aug 7, 2022 • 53M

Arizona Chooses Students Over Systems - Matt Beienburg

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Last week I reported on a huge victory for state-based liberty in Arizona, where Governor Doug Ducey recently signed into law a bill that makes school choice available to all K-12 students in the Grand Canyon State.

HB 2853 made universal an earlier “Empowerment Scholarship Account” program that grants parents a choice over where Arizona’s tax dollars are spent for their kids’ schooling.

Matt Beienburg, Director of Education Policy at the Goldwater Institute, touts the reform as the gold standard model for the rest of the country, and other states are sure to follow suit once politicians realize how overwhelmingly popular school choice has become with parents.

The popularity of school choice has been steadily rising but reached a tipping point in Arizona during COVID-19, when parents could see firsthand the extent of indoctrination taking place in virtual public school classrooms. In the end, it would seem that teacher’s unions’ insistence on extended remote learning has backfired dramatically, as the parent-led revolution in taking back control over education continues.

Beienburg joins the show this Sunday to discuss the Goldwater Institute’s role in crafting the original ESA legislation that empowered particularly disadvantaged students to opt out of failing public schools. He will also answer some of the many objections to school choice trotted out by the left to insulate the government from competition in the arena of education.

I previously covered many of these myths on my show with Corey DeAngelis, and it’s thrilling to see the ideas from the book translated into concrete policy in Arizona: