Oct 8, 2017 • 48M

Anthony L. Fisher on Antifa Violence & Neo-Reaction

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Bob Zadek
Bob talks about the issues that affect our lives on a daily basis from a purely libertarian standpoint. He believes in small government, fewer taxes, and greater personal freedom.<br /><br />America has lost its way, but it cannot and does not need to be reinvented. Our founders were correct about their approach to government, as were John Locke, Adam Smith and the other great political philosophers who influenced them. The country’s first principles are economic and social freedom, republicanism, the rule of law, and liberty. Bob believes we must take the best of our founding principles and work from them because a country without principles is just a landmass.
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Last time writer and filmmaker* Anthony L. Fisher joined the show, he exposed the mysterious death of a 20-year-old confidential informant. His Reason TV documentary and article were later picked up by 60 Minutes, and led many to rethink the role of confidential informants in the criminal justice system. Anthony also covered the Occupy Wall Street protests back in 2011, when it was unclear what the movement stood for or where it was heading. In a column for the Daily Beast, Anthony brings his characteristic clarity and nuance to bear on the anti-fascist protesters – aka "Antifa" – that have made recent headlines. Between Nazi white supremacists and anti-fascists (aka “Antifa”), Anthony is adamant that the former possess the more odious ideology, and are responsible for far more victims than the latter. However, this does not justify the acceptance of indiscriminate violence displayed by Antifa at recent protests and rallies. Anthony notes that violent, anarchic tactics have historically bolstered far-right elements. This suggests non-violent resistance is still the best option against a rising tide of xenophobia in the United States and elsewhere. This Sunday, Anthony will take your calls on the disturbing glorification of violence by some intellectuals, and the watering down of terms like “fascist” to include individuals who merely disagree with left-wing orthodoxy. When anyone to the right of Bernie Sanders is labelled a fascist, the result is a poisoned public discourse. Can we recover civil dialogue in the midst of such intellectual laziness? Bob and Anthony also break down the differences between alt-right, neoreactionary, and outright fascist/white supremacist groups.

*See the trailer below for Anthony's debut feature film, *Sidewalk Traffic,* which he wrote and directed. The film is available for rent/purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and most VOD outlets.