Carol Berkin on The Bill of Rights No One Wanted

Vaulted behind a thick glass display case at the National Archives, and revered above the marble edifices and monuments of Washington D.C., sits a faded piece of parchment. In the eyes of many, the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution symbolizes the bedrock ideas on which our country was built. Yet history tends to look past the true origins of this foundational work – a set of amendments, which most in the First U.S. Congress deemed either unnecessary or ineffective at protecting individual liberty. Few know the actual story of the drafting of the Bill of Rights better than Carol Berkin, an award-winning history professor and author of The Bill of Rights: The Fight to Secure Ameri­ca’s Liberties. Berkin joins Bob to trace the history leading up to its formation, with vivid detail on the context and thinking of the key figures in the debate. We learn, for example, that the Bill of Rights is indeed a symbol: Perhaps more than anything, it symbolizes the compromise and perseverance that were required to unite a deeply divided new nation, against all odds. Hear the whole story, this Sunday at 9am PACIFIC/12pm EASTERN, on Talk 910.

ALEC – Hated by Dick Durbin. Need I Say More?

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a membership organization for businesses that promote Limited Government, Free Markets and Federalism. Pretty subversive, don’t you think? Senator Dick Durbin certainly thinks so, and he is on a vendetta to destroy it. He also plans to eradicate the First Amendment in the process. What is this all about? And how does ALEC protect all of us from the creep of Progressivism? ALEC is the most important organization you’ve never heard about - until you hear this podcast. Will Freeland who works with ALEC and with the Tax Foundation and has written extensively on federalism and tax reform, joins Bob to give details. Are the states the last best protection of our free society (Washington is a hopeless write off in this regard)? What are the seven great myths told about tax policy, Federalism, Freedom, Free Markets?

Where is Everyone Going?

In the past 15 years, California’s high tax burden caused 340,000 (mostly) high earners to go to other states like Nevada where they can keep more of their earnings. Is there a pattern? You bet there is. Americans are “voting with their feet” more than ever before. Not just pro golfer Phil Mickelson who makes a pretty penny, but average wage earners. Where do they move from, where do they go …and why? Travis Brown has studied this extensively and he authored “How Money Walks,” the definitive study on which states are winning or losing the competition for taxpayers and businesses and what the results tell us. Join Bob and Travis to celebrate federalism in operation, just as the founders envisioned.

Property Rights of the Politically Powerful

The 5th Amendment to the Constitution, a part of the Bill of Rights, denies the government the power to take your property except for “public use.” Property rights are a core part of our political fabric. With these “rights,” our entire economic system would fail. Unfortunately, political power and cronyism have converged, with the assistance of the courts, to allow local governments to confiscate private property for no other reason than to give it to someone else! Eminent domain is a potent and sometimes unchecked power which continues to be abused by corrupt and ambitious local officials who transfer wealth to their well connected friends. Help may be on the way. . . or is it?   In this episode, Bob is joined by Bill Maurer of the Institute for Justice to discuss instances in which government has taken private property. It’s an issue which calls into question the allocation of power between the states and Washington. The issue involves the unfair destruction of vibrant minority communities and pits courts against elected officials and citizens against our government. In short, the fur will fly.

Immigration Reform Is Broken

Our Founders’ worse fears have materialized, compliments of Janet Napolitano.  For the first time in 233 years, our country has a national police force!  The Department of Homeland Security has deputized the entire nation’s police departments to enforce our racist, arbitrary and un-American immigration laws.  It’s called the Secure Communities Initiative and it makes Commissar Napolitano the Police Chief in Chief. Is that merely a very bad idea or the beginning of the end of locally controlled police departments?  Join Bob and Huffington Post reporter Elise Foley this Sunday at noon to discuss the federal takeover of our cops.  What’s next?  Can it be stopped?

Obamacare and The Loss of America

Bob discusses Obamacare and the lost of the American system of free enterprise;  the loss of personal responsibility; the loss of free markets.  Bob details how rapidly America is becoming another slow-growth, paternalistic, busy-body, European country.  The states, the great incubators of ideas, have just become mere agencies of federal power.  Federalism, which has served us so well for over 200 years is being thrown to the wolves.  We get subsidized aspirins, and lose America.  Is it worth it?  And. . . another bank bailout disguised as foreclosure relief.

Are We All Felons?

This Sunday, Bob will interview author Harvey Silverglate on the topic of his newest book “Three Felonies A Day.  How The Feds Target The Innocent.”   The book argues that Americans unknowingly commit crimes on a daily basis because federal criminal law is so vague. In fact, anyone can be indicted at any time for almost anything.  The expansion of federal criminal law weakens the role of the states and destroys the basic principles of federalism our founders so dearly cherished.