California Dreamin’ – About Sane Government

Everything begins in California. Fresh air comes from the Pacific Ocean and we are the first ones to foul it for the rest of the country. We were the first state to institute “right on red” as Woody Allen famously pointed out in Annie Hall. We started the tax revolution with Prop 13. We also loaded our prisons with our “three strikes law,” which puts a person in prison for life for stealing a slice of pizza. More recently, we’ve decided to build a high- speed rail from nowhere to nowhere and we’ll spend $39 million to save the delta smelt, a tiny fish that few people have ever seen. Finally, the California legislature is considering a Homeless Bill of Rights, which was not based on anything James Madison has drafted. A word of caution to non-Californians – “this could (will?) happen to you.” In this encore episode, Bob speaks to Steve Greenhut, vice president of journalism at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity and a frequent contributor to Reason Magazine. California’s going down. Will your state be next?

Zimmerman Trial – It Is Not About Race

The verdict is in. The media frenzy is starting to die down. The President has spoken. Regretfully, Eric Holder is still looking to get some political mileage out of it. What can be said about the Zimmerman/Martin affair? All we know with certainty is that George Zimmerman was not convicted of murder or manslaughter or any other crime under Florida law in his killing of Trayvon Martin. We pretty much know that this event says little about “race in America,” despite the claims of the President and the likes of Jackson and Sharpton, two of the more racist public figures seeking to exploit the event. We know that the rest of the Political/Racist Complex is milking this for all it is worth. But what are the real lessons? What does all of this tell us about America? Bob’s guest will be Jacob Sullum, a Senior Editor at Reason Magazine and a nationally syndicated columnist, who has written objectively and thoughtfully on the events in Florida. He will share the aspects of this affair, which the media has all but ignored – double jeopardy and the real racial issues. Listen Sunday at noon to hear what the media does not know or does not mention.

Will Americans Accept Second Class Medicine?

It is clear that Obamacare (and Medicare before it) will precipitate the decline in the quality of medical care in America. It will cause talented doctors to leave the profession, reduce the number of health care professionals available to provide us with the services we have come to expect and it will ultimately give us “post office” quality medicine with “IRS quality sensitivity.” Are we ready for that? Or will Obamacare self- destruct, leaving us with a totally free market system of health care the likes of which we have not seen since before WW II? In this episode, Bob is joined by Jeff Singer: surgeon, writer and libertarian. He has seen the erosion of medicine from the inside. His Reason Magazine article titles tell it all – “How Government Killed the Medical Profession” and “The Depressing Future of American Health Care.” This is so important that Bob spends the full ninety minutes of his show with Jeff. They will tell what you don’t want to hear, but must. They even see a light at the end of this very long and dark tunnel. It will surprise you.

Educational Choices, Not School Choices

For the past several decades, a dominant educational issue has been the choice between public, private and charter schools. Parents have also had to evaluate and determine which school districts are the best. But that was the past. Today, they are offered all of those choices plus the option of home-school teaching assisted by computers. This does not mean teaching kids how to use a computer, but rather using a computer as the teacher. The choices are more vast than ever and they give parents the freedom to control how their kids are taught. Next step, bringing market discipline to a college education so students will be able to pay college tuition based on the market value of the knowledge purchased, not the artificially high prices created by the duel influences of government price supports. No one, and I mean no one, knows this better than Katherine Mangu-Ward, joins Bob in this episode. Katherine is a Yale graduate and a managing editor of Reason magazine (Bob’s favorite) who formerly worked as a reporter for the Weekly Standard and as a NY Times researcher. Bob also discusses the alphabet soup of totalitarianism – the IRS, NSA, and FISA courts. So much to cover, so little time. So very important. Don’t miss tomorrow’s show.

A War Being Fought Today- On American Soil

Every minute of every day, American men and women are fighting a war right here on American soil. It costs billions of dollars. There is no end in sight and there is no way to win. Nixon waged this war and every administration since has continued it with blind and thoughtless vigor. What has been the human toll? Unimaginable, to be sure, and there is no one better than Reasontv’s Paul Feine to assess the damage. Paul is the producer of “America’s Longest War,” a documentary about the drug war which we will continue to lose until policy sanity prevails. In this encore episode, Paul joins Bob to share what he has learned while bringing this important film to the screen. Paul’s unique perspective will shock and motivate you. Don’t miss it.

Whose Transportation System Is It Anyway?

Think back. In the past week have you moved from one place to another? Traveled to work? To Another City? If so, did you travel by car, by plane, by light rail, by “heavy” rail, subway, or by bus? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you must catch this episode with Bob Poole, a founder of Reason Magazine and its Director of Transportation Policy. Whether we’re talking about private toll roads, privatization of airports, Amtrak or High Speed Rail, light rail systems in cities, or intercity buses (remember Greyhound?) your life (and your pocketbook) is affected by transportation policy. As you’ll hear in this podcast, whatever the transportation problem, government is the problem and free markets are the answer.

Home Ownership- The American Nightmare

George Bush famously stated he wanted to establish “the ownership society” in America. His concept specifically included the owning of a home. The American Dream, while defined in 1931 in lofty terms, has been downgraded over time to be equated to home ownership. What a cruel hoax.    Home ownership has become a nightmare for many Americans, once the political class hyped it as a tool to remain in power. The feds have been the “snake oil salesmen” of housing. How did this happen and what’s the fix? In this encore episode, Bob talks to Reason Foundation’s Anthony Randazzo, who knows all the answers. Should we rename your neighborhood “Federal Acres?” Perhaps. If your dwelling is something other than a used appliance carton, you’ll not want to miss this show.

Manny Klausner - A Libertarian Life

Manny Klausner has lived the ultimate Libertarian life. He co-founded Reason Magazine, was a Co-Founding Director of the Institute for Justice and acts as General Counsel to the Individual Rights Foundation. From studying with Mises to spending time in Chicago and California with Milton Friedman, he’s walked the walk and talked the talk. In this episode, Manny appeared as our guest on the show to discuss SCOTUS’ handing down the “Obamacare decision,” or the single greatest threat to our liberty that has ever been judicially created. Manny and Bob cover the Constitutional backdrop to the decision: what it means to our liberty and why. To paraphrase Jefferson in his first inaugural address, “we are all Libertarians.” Discuss the decision that changed the Constitution with Bob and Manny Klausner.

High Speed Bankruptcy – The California Way

In this episode, Bob welcomes Adrian Moore of Reason Magazine to his show. The topic – high speed rail in California and around the country. High speed rail is the intersection of crony capitalism, wealth transfers to unions and the hocking the future. Why must politicians always find the total absence of a need and then fill it with massive spending? If California proceeds with this project, it will make Boston’s Big Dig seem like the paving of a driveway. Adrian’s expertise and Bob’s exasperation will provide with a week’s worth of adrenalin. Take a valium and tune in.

Occupy Movement – What Does It Tell Us About America?

Seven months ago, the Occupy Movement started in New York’s Zuccotti Park. Over time, the weather seemed to have chilled and dampened the enthusiasm of its core supporters. However, the movement seems to have sprung into spring with new vigor as seen in San Francisco and Oakland recently. What are the goals and beliefs of the Occupiers and what does it tell us about America today? To discover the heart and soul of the Occupy Movement, Bob invited Anthony Fisher, filmmaker and Reason TV producer to join him in this encore episode to discuss his extensive coverage of the movement. Let’s examine the Occupiers from a Libertarian perspective. Are they just Tea Partiers with longer hair and more student loans? How will they vote in the election this fall, if at all? Bailouts, crony capitalism, taxing the rich; we have it for you.