A Teacher’s Brave Stand Against Her Union – Rebecca Friedrichs and Terry Pell

When Rebecca Friedrichs first started teaching in Orange County nearly 30 years ago, she was surprised to discover how little recourse her school had to remove poor quality teachers from their posts. For decades, she would do her best to contain her frustration with a system – backed by powerful public sector teacher's unions – that protects inept, long-time insiders (read: tenure) at the expense of students and outstanding young faculty. Finally, an opportunity arose for Friedrichs to become the lead plaintiff in a free speech case against the California Teachers Association, and take a stand against mandatory dues for non-members who oppose the union's practices. Her side appeared on the verge of a landmark Supreme Court victory when Justice Antonin Scalia passed away suddenly – leaving the court divided 4-4, which affirmed the lower court's ruling in favor of the union. Friedrichs and her attorney, Terry Pell (President of the Center for Individual Rights), will Bob to explain why they are still fighting on behalf of teachers and students to have Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association reheard once a ninth justice is confirmed. The saga of Scalia's Supreme Court vacancy continues on the show of ideas, not attitude.

You Must Join

It is hard to imagine words that are less American. Our Bill of Rights assures us freedom of association and the right to join or not join any group. Of course, if you are a group which many are not especially fond of or a group which many oppose, the only way to insure membership growth is to have membership required. That is how unions seek to preserve their strength, or what is left of it. In 26 states (and declining) states permit “closed shops,” where union contracts require an employer to fire any employee who refuses to join a union. How else does government tilt the playing field so as to insure that workers are forced to support unions, even when their conscience and wallets dictate otherwise? In this episode, Stan Greer, Senior Research Associate for the National Institute for Labor Relations Research shows the insidious ways that unions survive only by undermining the protections guaranteed under the Bill of Rights. You’ll get angry, but you’ll understand why Libertarians and unions cannot co-exist.

High Speed Bankruptcy – The California Way

In this episode, Bob welcomes Adrian Moore of Reason Magazine to his show. The topic – high speed rail in California and around the country. High speed rail is the intersection of crony capitalism, wealth transfers to unions and the hocking the future. Why must politicians always find the total absence of a need and then fill it with massive spending? If California proceeds with this project, it will make Boston’s Big Dig seem like the paving of a driveway. Adrian’s expertise and Bob’s exasperation will provide with a week’s worth of adrenalin. Take a valium and tune in.

Boeing Beats Unions by Caving to Unions

This week, the NLRB withdrew their suit against Boeing. Based on a union complaint, The NLRB sought to prevent Boeing from building Dreamliners in union-free South Carolina, instead of union-infested Washington State. Victory for Boeing? Not quite. Boeing caved into union demands in order to get them to withdraw their complaint. What a perfect reason to explore the evils of the American labor movement. In this episode, Bob is honored to welcome first-time guest Vincent Vernuccio, a labor expert with the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Bob expects to examine right to work laws, union hypocrisy, and the basic right of freedom of contract. These issues affect every working American. Don’t miss it.

Fire All Government Workers

Visit Utopia.  Fly to Atlanta and take a short car trip to Sandy Spring, Georgia, the city that efficiently outsourced everything.  Are they the wave of the future?  Their budget is about half of what it would be with city employees doing the work!   Private toll roads vs. crowded public highways.  Fed Ex vs. the Post Office.  Which do you prefer?  Please join Bob and Adrian Moore of Reason Magazine in this encore episode for an hour of light and breezy privatization fun.  Sell the parking meters!   Sell the airports. Sell air traffic control!  Sell the prisons!  Get rid of Public Service Unions, their pensions and their padded payrolls.  Let business do business and government take care of government.

Unions and The Economy

Bob interviews Steven Greenhut , author of “Plunder: How Public Employee Unions are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation.” Marty Hittleman, President of the California Federation of Teachers, joins the conversation to discuss the book as well. You’ll get two distinct points of view on the topics like tenure for teachers and the difficulty of filing incompetent teachers.