Thriving in a Low-Growth, High-Tax Future

Conventional wisdom extols the virtues of investing in mutual funds and maximizing 401(k) contributions. Based on the size of the industry that exists to guide these decisions, one would assume there is value in the myriad options given to workers for deferred compensation. But not all savings plans are created equal, says Terry Allen, the serial entrepreneur behind 20 business ventures and the author of Coffee Can Investing: A Better Idea than Mutual Funds in an IRA or 401(k). Terry will join Bob live this Sunday to talk about his provocatively titled new book. They also discuss how special interests on Wall Street have created an unlevel playing field in investing, and how new possibilities for entrepreneurship may represent a silver lining on some unsettling trends.

There is No Free Lunch

NY Mayor Bloomberg wants to charge motorists if the fire department responds to an auto accident and has to put out a fire, or pry someone from a wrecked car.  Firefighters in Obion County, Tennessee watched a house burn to the ground since the homeowner failed to pay a $75.00 annual fire protection fee.  User Fees are becoming the next big thing in governmental revenue raising and Bob loves it.  Better have your credit card handy when you call 911!  In this episode, Bob voices his support for toll roads, governmental fee for services, and, the end of the free lunch myth.

A Libertarian Plan

This Sunday, Bob will be joined by Matt Welch, Editor-In-Chief of Reason Magazine to discuss a Libertarian plan that would totally eliminate the budget deficit without raising taxes. Crucial to this plan is a discussion of Enumerated Powers (a core founding principle which is considered quaint in Washington today).    They will remind the audience of Madison’s great words from Federalist 45 – “The powers delegated . . . to the Federal Government are few and defined.”

How Taxes Control Our Lives

This Sunday, Bob’s guest will be Joe Henchman, an attorney and policy analyst who supervises the Tax Foundation’s state policy and legal programs. Joe will share his considerable insights on the way taxes are used to influence behavior.  This is not only about money but it is about control and denial of individual freedom.