The People Vs. Washington Insiders – The Ultimate RICO Case

Many philosophers have opined that “taxation is theft,” and arguably it is. However, it’s far worse when government legally extorts massive sums from us through abusive statutes and no oversight. “Extortion” is the precise word to describe how the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives operative with the ruthless efficiency of organized crime without fear. “Extortion” is the title of Peter Schweizer’s best seller, subtitled (and this tells it all) “How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes and Line Their Own Pockets.” Peter has exhaustively researched this subject he shares his findings with Bob in this Sunday’s encore episode. What you hear will not make you very happy, but it will inform you, and that is the first step towards reform. If it seems that extortion is too strong a word, just listen to Peter in this non-partisan indictment of Washington and decide for yourself.

Who Cares About Taxes

Ostentatious. Reckless. Hocking the future. Selfish. Irresponsible. The insatiable need for immediate gratification. We learn so much about a person’s character by how they manage their finances. The same is true of government. We are living the New Testament, by way of the Dave Matthews Band. “Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die.” If you look at the way government spends our money, you will know its core values – not pretty. Jonathan Bydlak, President of the Coalition to Reduce Spending, speaks authoritatively to Bob about this subject. Princeton grad, hedge fund manager and fundraising director for Ron Paul’s 2008 campaign, Jonathan has studied the sickness, corruption and cronyism of spending which transcends party lines and which will only be stopped by voters crying out “Enough!” Listen to this epsiode and you will be one of them.

Solutions for Balancing the Budget

In this episode, Bob is joined by Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation, one of America’s great conservative Libertarian think tanks.  They discuss earmarks such as Lobster Institute and Rat Island and explain how easy and painless it is to balance the budget and cure deficit spending – - without raising taxes.  Who needs a President’s Deficit Reduction Commission when we’ve got Bob Zadek?”

Legalizing Pot in California

Bob interviews John Lovell, a lobbyist for law enforcement groups who is fighting against the movement to legalize marijuana in the state of California. The initiative, also known as the “Tax Cannabis Act,” received enough signatures this week to qualify for the November ballot.  If it is approved, California would become the first state to legalize marijuana for recreational use by adults. The measure would also give local governments the authority to regulate and tax pot sales.