The Supreme Court and You

How important is a Supreme Court Justice to you?  How will it effect your life?  Should Elena Kagan be confirmed?  Bob examines these important issues as well as how the Supreme Court has “watered down” the Constitution time after time.  This third branch of our government was created to protect us from an over-reaching government.  How and why has it failed us so miserably?  Tune in this Sunday at noon for this and much much more.

Weekly Libertarian Issues

This Sunday, Bob is likely to discuss the Supreme Court ruling that gives corporations political power to endorse candidates, Obama’s plan to press for health care reform despite the results of the Senate election in Massachusetts and lobbying.  He is always ready to keep listeners up to date on breaking news as it is making headlines.

Do the Unborn Have Rights?

With six Supreme Court Justices attending Catholic Mass and being sermonized about abortion a week ago, it’s time to visit this issue and all its complex baggage – separation of church and state, Constitutional protection (or not?) of the right to an abortion, criminalization of abortion, rights of the unborn vs. rights of the mother (and father).  It is fascinating and loaded subject.