Derek Khanna - What's Stifling Innovation?

Back in April, Bob interviewed Ed Hudgins about The Republican Party’s Civil War, in which Hudgins urged Republicans to emphasize the value of “modernist achievers”—those who disrupt status quo industries and demonstrate what free individuals can accomplish. Derek Khanna is one of the youngest yet most influential thinkers leading the charge on the innovation front in Washington D.C. Khanna regularly writes on disruptive innovation for, and recently had his article, "The Party of Innovation," featured on the cover of The American Conservative magazine. The piece advocated for common sense free-market reform in technology policy, and in the broader conservative movement. If his ideas are any indication of a trend, there may still be hope for Republicans to become known as the party of dynamism and innovation. Bob and Khanna talked about obstacles to forming new small businesses, and Khanna explained some recent reforms that may foreshadow more sweeping victories down the road.

Is America Doomed by Voter Ignorance?

According to recent polls, only 42% of Americans could name the three branches of the federal government and only 28% could name two of the five rights guaranteed by the First Amendment. Even worse, 35% believed that “from each according to his ability to each according to his need” was embodied in the Constitution (but it came from Karl Marx!). In short, voters are politically dumb. Yet, their decisions directly affect 300+ million Americans and influence the rest of the world in an ancillary way. From a purely self-interested perspective, spending the time to understand political issues is a clear waste of time, as is voting itself. What does this tell us about the viability of democracy in America? In this episode, Ilya Somin, author of the soon-to-be-released “Democracy and Political Ignorance” shares his perceptive views and insights. Ilya is a Professor of Law at George Mason University, a prolific blogger and a frequent guest on Mainstream Media. There is no more important issue in America, and no better guest to discuss the topic than Ilya Somin.

Energy Policy is a Dirty Business!

Under the rubric of avoiding climate change, American have become a dirty bunch. Energy- saving washing machines don’t wash, low flow toilets leave smelly bad stuff in sewer pipes and the water flow from shower heads (by compliments of federal law) is insufficient to wash off dirt and soap.  In this episode of Bob’s  show “Dirty Smelly Americans Save the Glaciers” will link Washington bureaucrats with the rather unpleasant aroma of crowded trains, planes and elevators.  Libertarians for privacy and cleanliness.

The Election Show

Voting advice is a public service offered by the entire staff of the Bob Zadek Show.  With Election Day right around the corner, Bob is channeling the greatest Libertarian minds (living or dead) and suggests how they would cast their ballots in California.  In the second half of this episode, Tim Hannon who is running for attorney general joins Bob to talk about being a Libertarian and what he would do if he won the election.  They  ponder questions such as: should felons have the right to vote?  Should you lose your right to vote if you don’t use it?  What about imposing a literacy test for voters?  A civics test?

A Better America

Back for his second has appearance will be Gary Johnson, a two-term Governor of New Mexico.  Gary has been touring the country on behalf of Our America Initiative ( and will provide straight talk on election issues of importance in California and around the country.  Is this a precursor to 2012?  Tune in and decide for yourself.

Prop 27- Redistricting

If you think the essence of democracy is that politicians get to pick their voters, then Prop 27 is for you.  So are Cuba, North Korea and China, for that matter.  But if you want voters to pick their representatives, Prop 27 should be taken out with the trash.  To help you decide, this  Sunday  Bob speaks to Steve Maviglio, who is an incumbent’s best friend and an enemy of citizen control of redistricting .  They will discuss why Prop 27 is the most important measure on the California ballot . . . and how it could affect the rest of the country.

Libertarians vs. Republicans

To slightly paraphrase Thomas Jefferson’s first inaugural address, “We are all Libertarians.”   Are we?  Bob will test the newly minted Republican “Pledge to America” against the Libertarian principles of Individualism, Individual Rights, Free Markets and Limited Government.  Discover your inner Libertarian this Sunday at noon, where fun and freedom reign.

California Voters’ Rights

Bob tackles the issue of whether representatives get to choose their voters or voters get to choose their representatives.  California is the battleground state, with two crucial Propositions on the November ballot.  His guest is Gabriella Holt, from the Yes on 20/No on 27 campaign in California.  A bunch of politicians (supported by Pelosi, et al) seek to undo an enacted law which puts redistricting into the hands of voters.  They must be stopped!  If you value the right to vote, you must hear this show!

Dennis vs. Pelosi: Can He Win?

This  Bob will interviews John Dennis, a Republican contender who is vying for Nancy Pelosi’s seat in the House in the upcoming Congressional election. Dennis tells us about his strategy to take back the 8th district from the liberal Democrats and bring more conservative representation to California. Find out the details of his belief system and how many of his ideas are consistent with Libertarian principles.