The People Vs. Washington Insiders – The Ultimate RICO Case

Many philosophers have opined that “taxation is theft,” and arguably it is. However, it’s far worse when government legally extorts massive sums from us through abusive statutes and no oversight. “Extortion” is the precise word to describe how the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives operative with the ruthless efficiency of organized crime without fear. “Extortion” is the title of Peter Schweizer’s best seller, subtitled (and this tells it all) “How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes and Line Their Own Pockets.” Peter has exhaustively researched this subject he shares his findings with Bob in this Sunday’s encore episode. What you hear will not make you very happy, but it will inform you, and that is the first step towards reform. If it seems that extortion is too strong a word, just listen to Peter in this non-partisan indictment of Washington and decide for yourself.

JFK a Democrat? You’ve Gotta Be Kidding

In 1960, JFK was elected president as a (liberal?) Democrat, beating Nixon, a (conservative?) Republican. Today, JFK’s politics would classify as neocon Republican and Nixon would never win any Republican primary he might run in. In a few generations, the principles of both major parties have profoundly changed. What does that portend for the future of the parties today and for the politics of America in the next decade? Tomorrow, join Bob and his guest Ira Stoll, author of “JFK, Conservative,” for a fascinating look at JFK and post-WW II American politics. You’ll learn more about Kennedy than you could possibly imagine. He and Karl Rove might be soul mates! Bob and Ira will also discuss immigration – an issue of particular importance to all Americans. You’ll love the show. Be prepared to change your opinion of our 35th president, regardless of what it is now.

Straight Talk with Gary Johnson

In this episode, Bob is honored to have Governor Gary Johnson, former Republican Governor of New Mexico and honorary chairman of the OUR America Initiative, as his guest for the hour.  Bob asks Governor Johnson about Libya, the monumental budget battle in Congress and the White House, cuts in the Defense Department budget, immigration, Obamacare, and much, much more.  Bob is hopeful that Governor Johnson will formally announce his intention to seek the GOP nomination for President.  A most important show.

Libertarians for Change

Bob’s guest will be Gary Johnson, the admirable two-term Governor of New Mexico.  Inspired by Thomas Jefferson, Governor Gary Johnson has successfully brought his Libertarian views to this high office.  Governor Johnson will discuss issues ranging from the Gulf Wars to the Gulf oil spill and from bailouts to free market banking.  Hear his views on hate free immigration from a state that shares the borders, the issues and the problems of Arizona.  Shouldn’t you get to know our next President? Unless I am mistaken, he will be the man leading the charge against big tax and spend government in 2012.  Check out to learn more about Governor Johnson.

Dennis vs. Pelosi: Can He Win?

This  Bob will interviews John Dennis, a Republican contender who is vying for Nancy Pelosi’s seat in the House in the upcoming Congressional election. Dennis tells us about his strategy to take back the 8th district from the liberal Democrats and bring more conservative representation to California. Find out the details of his belief system and how many of his ideas are consistent with Libertarian principles.

Arizona’s Immigration Reform

Bob speaks to Nick Coons, Arizona‘s Libertarian Candidate for Congress. Together they examine the unconstitutionality of immigration law that puts people behind bars for failing to carry documentation that proves their citizenship. Bob remembers Emma Lazarus’ immortal lines – “”Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  Immigrants are America.  Some Libertarians don’t agree.  Does Nick Coons?  Do you?Don’t miss this important discussion.