Galt's Gulch is Right Around The Corner

In the America of Atlas Shrugged, many of the successful and creative members of society went on ”strike” and disappeared to Galt’s Gulch, where they live their lives free of intrusive and overbearing government. Free of takers; free of moochers. Today the truth is better than fiction. No need to find a “gulch,” when there is (or will be) an entire free state. The Free State Project is seeking the commitment of 20,000 Libertarians to move to New Hampshire and build “Galt’s State” where they will “live free or die.” That is all that will be needed for Libertarians to obtain voting control of the state and show the other 49 states how a Libertarian government looks and feels. They’ve called themselves porcupines (a creature only dangerous when disturbed) and they are far along in their goal. In this Sunday’s encore episode, you’ll hear about the FSP firsthand from Carla Gericke, the President of the Free State Foundation Board. Carla’s a corporate attorney, born in South Africa, with a brief stay in the San Francisco Bay Area and she is living the free state life in New Hampshire. Carla is walking the walk as a latter day pioneer.

A Party for Everyone – Finally

Attention all voters! Which party embodies crony capitalism, interventionist foreign policy and the regulation of the most private aspects of our lives? Most importantly, which party ignores each of us as an individual; only to replace personal responsibility with government dictated behavior? The answer of course is, the Republicans AND the Democrats. The narcotic of political power intoxicates both of these parties and they are obsessed with its accumulation.

A more interesting question is: which party shows the greatest hope for change and what will that change look like? In this episode, Tim Carney, Senior Political Columnist for the Washington Examiner, explains how Libertarian Populism offers the best solution the problems in the American political system today. Libertarian Populists are suspicious of bigness in all forms, accumulations of power and they oppose the conversion of the Department of Defense to the Department of War. Finally, we have a political home we can all feel comfortable in. Politics can be so exciting. Tune in tomorrow at noon.