Straight Talk with Gary Johnson

In this episode, Bob is honored to have Governor Gary Johnson, former Republican Governor of New Mexico and honorary chairman of the OUR America Initiative, as his guest for the hour.  Bob asks Governor Johnson about Libya, the monumental budget battle in Congress and the White House, cuts in the Defense Department budget, immigration, Obamacare, and much, much more.  Bob is hopeful that Governor Johnson will formally announce his intention to seek the GOP nomination for President.  A most important show.

The Election Show

Voting advice is a public service offered by the entire staff of the Bob Zadek Show.  With Election Day right around the corner, Bob is channeling the greatest Libertarian minds (living or dead) and suggests how they would cast their ballots in California.  In the second half of this episode, Tim Hannon who is running for attorney general joins Bob to talk about being a Libertarian and what he would do if he won the election.  They  ponder questions such as: should felons have the right to vote?  Should you lose your right to vote if you don’t use it?  What about imposing a literacy test for voters?  A civics test?

Libertarians vs. Republicans

To slightly paraphrase Thomas Jefferson’s first inaugural address, “We are all Libertarians.”   Are we?  Bob will test the newly minted Republican “Pledge to America” against the Libertarian principles of Individualism, Individual Rights, Free Markets and Limited Government.  Discover your inner Libertarian this Sunday at noon, where fun and freedom reign.

Libertarians for Change

Bob’s guest will be Gary Johnson, the admirable two-term Governor of New Mexico.  Inspired by Thomas Jefferson, Governor Gary Johnson has successfully brought his Libertarian views to this high office.  Governor Johnson will discuss issues ranging from the Gulf Wars to the Gulf oil spill and from bailouts to free market banking.  Hear his views on hate free immigration from a state that shares the borders, the issues and the problems of Arizona.  Shouldn’t you get to know our next President? Unless I am mistaken, he will be the man leading the charge against big tax and spend government in 2012.  Check out to learn more about Governor Johnson.

Monopolies in the 21st Century

In this episode, Bob speaks to Barry Lynn, Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation. They will explain how monopolies like Wal Mart threaten free markets and eliminate the ability for small businesses to compete with conglomerates. Libertarians believe small businesses are the backbone of our economy but if large companies have the power to put them out of business, we will never again be a thriving nation.

Smaller Government Rules

This Sunday, Bob will discuss the benefits of small government.  He will question the need for state and federal authorities to be involved in minor issues such as allowing dogs in restaurants, liquor laws, speed limits, driving while texting, etc.  Let’s let our local officials decide what’s best for our communities.