Whose Body is it, Anyway?

Under federal law, you are allowed to donate your body parts but you cannot sell them!  This makes no sense.  Dr. Nancy Sheper-Hughes agrees with the legislators even though this law causes thousands of deaths each year due to a shortage of kidneys and other life-saving organs. Freedom over one’s body IS the last frontier.  Hear the discussion in this Sunday’s encore episode.

Gambling: Hypocrisy in America

The issue of gambling in America has it all: socialism, attempts to regulate the internet, taxing the poor, government mismanagement and insane criminal laws. Why ban a harmless form of entertainment? Why create monopolies? Pervasive hypocrisy is a national embarrassment. This Sunday at noon, Bob will review gambling from a Libertarian perspective: sanity, not puritanical prohibition.

Organ Donations

This Sunday, Bob will argue that buying and selling of body parts should be legal. The current system is flawed, favoring certain people who are fortunate and able to push themselves to the front of the waiting list. Everybody could benefit from a system that would also save more lives and compensate people for the commodities they have to sell. He will be joined by Professor Nancy Shepher-Hughes from UC Berkeley who will argue that because the practice is gruesome in third world countries, it should be outlawed in the US. Leaving the question to be answered: Why can’t we do it better here?

Do the Unborn Have Rights?

With six Supreme Court Justices attending Catholic Mass and being sermonized about abortion a week ago, it’s time to visit this issue and all its complex baggage – separation of church and state, Constitutional protection (or not?) of the right to an abortion, criminalization of abortion, rights of the unborn vs. rights of the mother (and father).  It is fascinating and loaded subject.

Legalization of Prostitution

Isn’t it about time we respected the privacy of a woman’s body and her freedom to do with it what she wishes?  Even if she wishes to rent parts of it?  Legalization of prostitution is good for women, good for the economy and good for politicians like Eliot Spitzer.  Bob interviews Heidi Machen, president of the San Francisco City Democratic Club, to get the other side.