Immigrants – The Ultimate Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is defined as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” These qualities have always been valued and cherished in America. Entrepreneurship has improved our quality of life in immeasurable ways and it always will. An immigrant in our country takes as much risk and shows as much initiative as any entrepreneur. We should be spending our treasury to keep them here, not keep them out. The anti-immigration fervor represented by many on the right and some on the left is shameful, bigoted, mean-spirited and contrary to our national ethos. As Bob so often says, “let them all in.” To discuss the economic, social and security aspects of this most emotional issue and more importantly, to replace rhetoric with objectivity, Bob welcomed Cato’s Alex Nowrasteh back to his show. Alex brings his passionate devotion to truth to an issue which is usually discussed only with emotion.

California Immigration Reform

In this episode, Bob supports major legislation pushed by his political nemesis Harry Reid. Is the DREAM Act a dream or a nightmare for America?  If passed, it will provide amnesty to many young college students or those on active military duty.  For once, Harry and Bob agree - let them all in.  Bob’s guest will be a student directly affected by the legislation.  Learn why Bob is a Libertarian - not a conservative.

Arizona’s Immigration Reform

Bob speaks to Nick Coons, Arizona‘s Libertarian Candidate for Congress. Together they examine the unconstitutionality of immigration law that puts people behind bars for failing to carry documentation that proves their citizenship. Bob remembers Emma Lazarus’ immortal lines – “”Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”  Immigrants are America.  Some Libertarians don’t agree.  Does Nick Coons?  Do you?Don’t miss this important discussion.