Will Americans Accept Second Class Medicine?

It is clear that Obamacare (and Medicare before it) will precipitate the decline in the quality of medical care in America. It will cause talented doctors to leave the profession, reduce the number of health care professionals available to provide us with the services we have come to expect and it will ultimately give us “post office” quality medicine with “IRS quality sensitivity.” Are we ready for that? Or will Obamacare self- destruct, leaving us with a totally free market system of health care the likes of which we have not seen since before WW II? In this Sunday’s encore episode, Bob is joined by Jeff Singer: surgeon, writer and libertarian. He has seen the erosion of medicine from the inside. His Reason Magazine article titles tell it all – “How Government Killed the Medical Profession” and “The Depressing Future of American Health Care.” This is so important that Bob spends the full ninety minutes of his show with Jeff. They will tell what you don’t want to hear, but must. They even see a light at the end of this very long and dark tunnel. It will surprise you.

Weekly Libertarian Issues

Bob discusses the lessons health care reformers should have learned by examining the history of founding of this country.  He questioned the overall merit of the filibuster and examined its effect on Obamacare.   In addition, he made a mock comparison between the habit forming white powder known as sugar and other dangerous addictive substances; as the Obamas are limiting kids’ access to sugar by outlawing its distribution in schools.

Oral Roberts Meets Dr. Welby

This Sunday, Bob will be joined by Edward Hudgins, Director of Advocacy at the Atlas Society to discuss the latest chapter in the Obamacare travesty.  The health care proposal in congress is now being geared up to include coverage of faith based healing and other outrageous lobbyist driven ideas.  Instead of being sent to a doctor when you’re sick, you may be turned over to a spiritual hotline to help you with your aches and pains.  Oy vey.

Ethics & Economic Freedom vs. Healthcare

This Sunday, Bob’s guest will be MD and attorney Bruce Fagel.  Together they’ll review the obscene income transfers inherent in pending health care reform legislation, and see how it stands up against core American principles.  Is it reform (“amendment of what is defective” according to Webster’s) of health care or its destruction?  Learn why Obamacare is a Trojan Horse, loaded with social engineering and massive income transfers.  You won’t get this anywhere else.