Should we Bring Telegrams Back?

In February of 2006, the last telegram was delivered in America. Why did telegrams stop? Simple. They ceased to be profitable and were no longer needed. Hmmm. Shouldn’t those economic principles apply to the entire U.S. Postal Service? After all, it is required to operate like a business, and any business that loses billions every single year ($5.1 billion in 2011) would close up or be closed up by its creditors. However, the Postal Service has 435 members on its Board of Governors (aka House of Representatives) who insist that the office be funded for their own personal gain, yet if a private Board did that, its members would be in jail. The Service shows the merits of privatization, the malpractice of Congress and the inability of government to do anything as efficiently as private business. In this Sunday’s encore episode, Bob spoke to Ed Hudgins, the Director of Advocacy at the Atlas Society. Let’s put the Post Office in the dead letter bin.


NPR got what it deserved from the GOP-controlled House – nothing!  Finally, a first step towards defunding  National Patronizing Radio.  While the dollars are small, the symbolism is large.  Washington should leave it to dictatorships to fund culture.  If government funds the arts, it gets to determine what is good art and what is garbage.  The free market should decide, not some government Medici wannabe.   Bob supports the closing of the National Endowment of the Arts and the Humanities.  Good artists don’t need government handouts and bad artists need to learn to support themselves.

Solutions for Balancing the Budget

In this episode, Bob is joined by Brian Darling of the Heritage Foundation, one of America’s great conservative Libertarian think tanks.  They discuss earmarks such as Lobster Institute and Rat Island and explain how easy and painless it is to balance the budget and cure deficit spending – - without raising taxes.  Who needs a President’s Deficit Reduction Commission when we’ve got Bob Zadek?”

Government Spending is out of Control

The Federal Government is spending $98,000.00 every second and the ballooning national debt is now $13 Trillion.   Will America become the next Greece? This Sunday, Bob will talk to Jim Martin from Spending Revolt, a new coalition of taxpayers, families, business owners, and policy organizations that is launching a national advocacy campaign to raise citizen awareness about how the mounting federal spending crisis is jeopardizing America’s future.  The group’s online “spending calculator” computes how much money the government has spent during an online user’s visit to the website, and it estimates the amount of government expenditures taking place during common daily activities.  Check it out at