Farming Subsidies

In this episode, Bob is joined by Chris Edwards from the Cato Institute to cover farm subsidies and agricultural price supports.  This is a huge federal budget item and ripe for total elimination.  It is important economically but difficult politically.  Let’s get rid of ethanol and sugar subsidies and all wealth transfers from lower income food buyers to middle and upper income farmers; from city dwellers and suburbanites to what is left of American Gothic.  Bring back free market pricing.

Government: No Match for The Gulf Spill

Obama has done the impossible – he has taken the most powerful elected office on earth and made it look powerless!  Using his Harvard Law School training in the management of deep water drilling, he has taken charge of the oil spill.  The Republic is safe.  This Sunday, Bob will interview award winning journalist Eric Pooley, author of “The Climate War” and Expert Analyst on the Oil Spill to examine what the Gulf Oil disaster proves about the relationship between business and government and reaffirms a free market economy.  The lessons are clear.

Monopolies in the 21st Century

In this episode, Bob speaks to Barry Lynn, Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation. They will explain how monopolies like Wal Mart threaten free markets and eliminate the ability for small businesses to compete with conglomerates. Libertarians believe small businesses are the backbone of our economy but if large companies have the power to put them out of business, we will never again be a thriving nation.