*The Reckoning*: Jacob Soll on Accounting and Accountability

Double-entry bookkeeping doesn't exactly have a reputation for excitement. Indeed, who among us spends weekends and evenings painstakingly tallying our assets against our liabilities when there are so many delightful distractions around? Jacob Soll, a historian and accounting professor at the University of Southern California, thinks accounting needs a makeover, if not a renaissance. Soll has demolished the boring accountant stereotype with his new book, "The Reckoning: Financial Accountability and the Rise and Fall of Nations." Soll's research takes us behind the scenes to reveal the ways that bookkeeping practices have shaped and been shaped by different cultures during critical historical periods. Find out whether modern governments and financial institutions can survive in a society that neglects the task of "keeping the books balanced." Or, are we prone to yet more financial crises—or worse, a moral reckoning with our debts?

Debtors are Sinners

Mortgages. Credit credit cards.  CARD Act.  Dodd-Frank.  Laws for government to use to surreptitiously transfer wealth from Bob and other responsible citizens to defaulting borrowers.  We lose our credit card mileage and free checking accounts just so that deadbeats and spendthrifts can walk from their debts.  This Sunday, Bob will discuss how banks have become the weapon of choice for Liberal class warfare.

Education and Credit Cards in America

In this episode, Bob examines the way in which the U.S. overemphasizes the importance of an expensive four year college degree that rarely prepares students for jobs in the workforce.  He also discusses the credit card reform that removes credit card choices for the middle class and increases costs so some dead beats can avoid fees.

The Credit Crunch

Small businesses account for 70% of jobs, yet they are being starved for credit.  No one in the Administration has ever operated a small business, worked for one or seemingly ever met a small businessman.  Ben Bernanke’s concept of “too big to fail” results in business that are “too small to succeed.”  This Sunday, Bob will show us how to start the flow of credit once again.  While he’s at it, he’ll examine whether the Obama foreclosure “solution” is just a reward for irresponsible parties at the expense of the penny pinchers (hint – it is!).

Legalize Insider Trading

Legalize Insider Trading – Bob is joined by Don Boudreaux, an economics professor at George Mason University.  They discuss why they believe insider trading should be legalized. If investing were based on real numbers rather than pure speculation the system would work more efficiently.  Let’s even the playing field and allow everyone to have access to the same information.