Energy Policy is a Dirty Business!

Under the rubric of avoiding climate change, American have become a dirty bunch. Energy- saving washing machines don’t wash, low flow toilets leave smelly bad stuff in sewer pipes and the water flow from shower heads (by compliments of federal law) is insufficient to wash off dirt and soap.  In this episode of Bob’s  show “Dirty Smelly Americans Save the Glaciers” will link Washington bureaucrats with the rather unpleasant aroma of crowded trains, planes and elevators.  Libertarians for privacy and cleanliness.

Farming Subsidies

In this episode, Bob is joined by Chris Edwards from the Cato Institute to cover farm subsidies and agricultural price supports.  This is a huge federal budget item and ripe for total elimination.  It is important economically but difficult politically.  Let’s get rid of ethanol and sugar subsidies and all wealth transfers from lower income food buyers to middle and upper income farmers; from city dwellers and suburbanites to what is left of American Gothic.  Bring back free market pricing.

A Libertarian Plan

This Sunday, Bob will be joined by Matt Welch, Editor-In-Chief of Reason Magazine to discuss a Libertarian plan that would totally eliminate the budget deficit without raising taxes. Crucial to this plan is a discussion of Enumerated Powers (a core founding principle which is considered quaint in Washington today).    They will remind the audience of Madison’s great words from Federalist 45 – “The powers delegated . . . to the Federal Government are few and defined.”

Best of: Smaller Government Rules

This Sunday, Bob will discuss the benefits of small government.  He will question the need for state and federal authorities to be involved in minor issues such as allowing dogs in restaurants, liquor laws, speed limits, texting while driving, etc.  Let’s let our local officials decide what’s best for our communities.