Matt Zwolinski on Bleeding Heart Libertarianism

Though some use it disparagingly, the label of “Bleeding Heart” is worn by others as a badge of honor. This apparent contradiction only starts to make sense when you contrast the frequently damaging results of government policy motivated by the undeniably noble sentiment behind caring for the poor. Matt Zwolinski, Professor of Philosophy at University of San Diego, is out to reframe the debate through what he calls Bleeding Heart Libertarianism. On this show, you’ll find out what this means and how it applies to recurring policy debates about welfare and more. In a nutshell, Zwolinski and his co-bloggers at seek to validate the concepts of social justice and responsibility to the poor within the framework of free-market advocacy. Can the union of these ideas translate into a viable political agenda? Later, Bob looks at President Obama’s expansion of executive power, with the release of five Taliban prisoners in exchange for U.S. solider Bowe Bergdahl. Bob also examines a new EPA rule to curb carbon dioxide emissions across the 50 states, and he looks at the effects it is likely to have on the cost of energy. Just who would these new regulations burden the most? You guessed it – the poor! Tune in to sharpen your thinking on how government can best help (or at least do the least harm) to the worst off among us.

How the Free Market Will Save the Planet

Environmentalism is the natural enemy of free market capitalism. The former seems to be the socially acceptable cover used by those who seek to capture and control the world’s economic engine, in order to “save the planet.” (I wonder how much time we have until the surface of the earth looks like the set of Mad Max?) Free market capitalists (note that not every capitalist favors free markets, thus the “free market” modifier is needed) know that voluntary, un-coerced cooperation among market participants is the only system to preserve individual freedom and the environment. How does this work? Bob’s guest, Austrian economist, Libertarian, prolific writer and speaker Walter Block explains all of it in his unique and accessible style. His book “Defending the Undefendable” is a must read. Block, Hayek, Mises and more…

Energy Policy is a Dirty Business!

Under the rubric of avoiding climate change, American have become a dirty bunch. Energy- saving washing machines don’t wash, low flow toilets leave smelly bad stuff in sewer pipes and the water flow from shower heads (by compliments of federal law) is insufficient to wash off dirt and soap.  In this episode of Bob’s  show “Dirty Smelly Americans Save the Glaciers” will link Washington bureaucrats with the rather unpleasant aroma of crowded trains, planes and elevators.  Libertarians for privacy and cleanliness.

The Future of Energy in California

California is facing a familiar fight with Prop 23 on the ballot this November.  It’s a heated debate between environmentalists who are pushing for clean energy and big oil that wants to rescind green friendly rules and lower the bar for carbon emissions.  Prop 23 is set up to overturn AB 32 which was passed by Schwarzenegger and requires that greenhouse gas emission levels in the state be cut to 1990 levels by 2020.  In this episode, Bob examines the pros and cons of the measure with Jack Stewart who believes that Prop 23 will create jobs and Steven Maviglio who sees it as a step backwards for California.

Government: No Match for The Gulf Spill

Obama has done the impossible – he has taken the most powerful elected office on earth and made it look powerless!  Using his Harvard Law School training in the management of deep water drilling, he has taken charge of the oil spill.  The Republic is safe.  This Sunday, Bob will interview award winning journalist Eric Pooley, author of “The Climate War” and Expert Analyst on the Oil Spill to examine what the Gulf Oil disaster proves about the relationship between business and government and reaffirms a free market economy.  The lessons are clear.