Aren’t Men Entitled to Due Process on Campus?

Early this year, Cathy Young, author of two books and a columnist for The Boston Globe, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal (to name merely a few news outlets) caught Bob’s attention with “Guilty Until Proven Innocent.” Her thoroughly researched article, which appeared in Reason Magazine, tells the story of how the government encourages kangaroo courts for sex crimes on campus. Young men are tried (if you can call it that) in quasi-judicial proceedings, with none of the safeguards Americans would expect. If found “guilty,” the damage to the accused is often greater than it would be in a criminal proceeding. This a feminism gone wild, or as Cathy identifies it, an uncontrolled and abusive “rape culture” crusade which damages both young women and young men. College should be an environment where the rules of civil society are taught and reinforced, not abused and ignored. Even worse, this loss of civil liberties takes place with the express encouragement of Washington, with none other than Joe Biden leading the charge. Who would have thought that sex could become an issue to be exploited for political gain? Will we become a nation of geldings (look it up)?

By popular demand, John Rothmann joins Bob once again to cross rhetorical swords on the issue of school vouchers which has become particularly timely in light of the House Republican bill to fund vouchers. The teachers unions are up in arms. This is a wedge issue that separates parents of minority kids from the Democrats. Interesting, and fun.

Education and Credit Cards in America

In this episode, Bob examines the way in which the U.S. overemphasizes the importance of an expensive four year college degree that rarely prepares students for jobs in the workforce.  He also discusses the credit card reform that removes credit card choices for the middle class and increases costs so some dead beats can avoid fees.

Best of: Changing the Face of History

Bob shares his outrage at the politicization of textbook writing.  Are our kids being taught by politicians or by educators?  High school kids are being indoctrinated in a way no different than radical Islam Madrassas indoctrinate their students.  What it means to be an American could be lost . . . possibly forever.

Unions and The Economy

Bob interviews Steven Greenhut , author of “Plunder: How Public Employee Unions are Raiding Treasuries, Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation.” Marty Hittleman, President of the California Federation of Teachers, joins the conversation to discuss the book as well. You’ll get two distinct points of view on the topics like tenure for teachers and the difficulty of filing incompetent teachers.

End the Unconstitutional Federal Involvement in Education

Bob examined federal involvement in education policy and interviewed Andrew Coulson from the Cato Institute about the need for any federal involvement in education.  Parents and teachers should control education, not civil servants who are thousands of miles away.