There is No Free Lunch

NY Mayor Bloomberg wants to charge motorists if the fire department responds to an auto accident and has to put out a fire, or pry someone from a wrecked car.  Firefighters in Obion County, Tennessee watched a house burn to the ground since the homeowner failed to pay a $75.00 annual fire protection fee.  User Fees are becoming the next big thing in governmental revenue raising and Bob loves it.  Better have your credit card handy when you call 911!  In this episode, Bob voices his support for toll roads, governmental fee for services, and, the end of the free lunch myth.

The Supreme Court and You

How important is a Supreme Court Justice to you?  How will it effect your life?  Should Elena Kagan be confirmed?  Bob examines these important issues as well as how the Supreme Court has “watered down” the Constitution time after time.  This third branch of our government was created to protect us from an over-reaching government.  How and why has it failed us so miserably?  Tune in this Sunday at noon for this and much much more.

Government Does Some Things Right? Maybe.

This Sunday, Bob interview celebrated author William Eggers about newest book “If We Can Put A Man on The Moon: Getting Big Things Done in Government.” Eggers is policy analyst who believes our great nation should be able to accomplish anything after our feat of sending a man to the moon.   Eggers breaks down the infrastructure of big government and explains why some initiatives have failed, some succeeded and how working together could be the answer to so many problems.