Government, Stay out of My Gullet

Is there any personal responsibility left in America?  Have we reached the point where tattooed convicts will be doing hard time for serving salty food?  For sneaking a baggie of transfat across the Mexican border?  For impairing the waistlines of minors?  Join Bob and Jacob Sullum, Senior Editor with Reason Magazine, for an hour of Food and Founders.

A Libertarian Plan

This Sunday, Bob will be joined by Matt Welch, Editor-In-Chief of Reason Magazine to discuss a Libertarian plan that would totally eliminate the budget deficit without raising taxes. Crucial to this plan is a discussion of Enumerated Powers (a core founding principle which is considered quaint in Washington today).    They will remind the audience of Madison’s great words from Federalist 45 – “The powers delegated . . . to the Federal Government are few and defined.”

Hate Crimes Legislation

Bob interviewed Jacob Sullum , senior editor at Reason Magazine.  They discussed hate crimes legislation and the recently passed Matthew Shepard Act, which continues the legislative trend of valuing some people’s lives more highly than others.  Tune in to see if you make the A List of important people.

Any group identification in legislation is anti-American and bad for the body politic.