Living with Water Scarcity - David Zetland on the Drought

The latest headlines out of California paint a picture of an all-out war against the drought. Ordinary citizens are taking to social media to shame their neighbors for watering their lawns. Governments are issuing steep fines for wasting water (however that’s defined). And now Governor Brown is calling for $7.5 billion in spending to tackle the problem of water shortages. But is all of this really necessary? Bob tries to sort this issue out with an expert who has spent years studying both economics and water scarcity in the Western United States. David Zetland of Leiden University College in Amsterdam says scarcity doesn’t need to disrupt our lives if we manage the water supply properly, and allow higher prices to signal the need to conserve in times like these. From this show, you will learn how the current crisis came to be, and how markets can help us all get along peacefully – living with water scarcity.

California Dreamin’ – About Sane Government

Everything begins in California. Fresh air comes from the Pacific Ocean and we are the first ones to foul it for the rest of the country. We were the first state to institute “right on red” as Woody Allen famously pointed out in Annie Hall. We started the tax revolution with Prop 13. We also loaded our prisons with our “three strikes law,” which puts a person in prison for life for stealing a slice of pizza. More recently, we’ve decided to build a high- speed rail from nowhere to nowhere and we’ll spend $39 million to save the delta smelt, a tiny fish that few people have ever seen. Finally, the California legislature is considering a Homeless Bill of Rights, which was not based on anything James Madison has drafted. A word of caution to non-Californians – “this could (will?) happen to you.” In this encore episode, Bob speaks to Steve Greenhut, vice president of journalism at the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity and a frequent contributor to Reason Magazine. California’s going down. Will your state be next?

Prop 27- Redistricting

If you think the essence of democracy is that politicians get to pick their voters, then Prop 27 is for you.  So are Cuba, North Korea and China, for that matter.  But if you want voters to pick their representatives, Prop 27 should be taken out with the trash.  To help you decide, this  Sunday  Bob speaks to Steve Maviglio, who is an incumbent’s best friend and an enemy of citizen control of redistricting .  They will discuss why Prop 27 is the most important measure on the California ballot . . . and how it could affect the rest of the country.

Dennis vs. Pelosi: Can He Win?

This  Bob will interviews John Dennis, a Republican contender who is vying for Nancy Pelosi’s seat in the House in the upcoming Congressional election. Dennis tells us about his strategy to take back the 8th district from the liberal Democrats and bring more conservative representation to California. Find out the details of his belief system and how many of his ideas are consistent with Libertarian principles.