*Equal is Unfair* with Don Watkins

On this show, Bob and Ayn Rand Institute fellow Don Watkins interpret the American Dream through an objectivist lens, in which opportunity is the result of effort and ability plus freedom, not the redistribution of wealth and political privilege. Watkins, a fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, dropped out of university to attend business school at night while working full-time during the day. After this, he could have gone to work on Wall Street or a Fortune 500 company, and glided into America’s notorious 1% – only to be vilified by the growing choir of income inequality critics. Watkins' crime in their eyes would not have been fraud, or embezzlement. His “privilege” alone would have been sufficient cause for many to indict him, despite the value created through honest finance, such as increased opportunities for those with low incomes to afford a college education, or buy homes and durable consumer goods. Watkins instead chose to apply his talents to the realm of ideas and the foundation of a free society. In his new book *Equal is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality,* Watkins and his co-author, Yaron Brook (Executive Director of ARI), mount a bold attack on a popular narrative about the injustice of current levels of inequality.


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*The Sharing Economy* with Arun Sundararajan

“[T]he future has arrived, well in advance of the policies needed to support it,” says Arun Sundararajan, Professor of Information, Operations and Management Sciences at New York University's Leonard N. Stern School of Business. Nowhere can this phenomenon be seen more clearly than in the rapidly-expanding "sharing economy," made up of digital platforms like Uber and AirBnB, which must battle with regulators in some locales to keep their innovative services running. Sundararajan's new book, The Sharing Economy: The End of Employment and the Rise of Crowd-Based Capitalism (MIT Press)contains everything you need to know – both cause and effect – about the radical disruption that is underway. An academic by trade, Sundararajan blends sociology, economics, technology and political science with a keen intuition to highlight the many tensions of the sharing economy, or as he calls it, "crowd-based capitalism." The sharing economy, he notes, is both capitalist and socialist, market-based and gift-based, and largely unregulated yet governed by complex rules and norms. Arun joins Bob to help listeners think about their place in the emerging landscape. Will we manage to harness these changes to become an "empowered entrepreneurs," or is technology turning us into "disenfranchised drones"?

Skip Young on The Wisdom of 76: Young America's Way to Wealth

When video surfaces featuring scores of Yale students signing a petition to repeal the First Amendment, “hope” seems to be the hardest word to say. Sadly, the Bill of Rights appears to be on life support, and the up-and-coming generation of Ivy-educated citizens seems less than enthusiastic about resuscitating it. At the same time, the ideas of individualism and free enterprise are still alive and well in the general population, and it’s difficult to imagine anything replacing them. This Sunday, Bob will be embracing this silver lining with Skip Young, a SF-based entrepreneur and author of The Wisdom of 76: Young America’s Way to Wealth. In his debut book, Skip aims to inspire young audiences to the magic of the “invisible hand” – an idea which Adam Smith first put into print the same year that the Declaration of Independence was written. In just 10,000 words, Skip leads readers on a poetic journey of hope and discovery through the Declaration, The Wealth of Nations, Common Sense, and the “Way to Wealth.” A mix of engaging history and hypnotic monetary metaphors, Skip’s tract makes a compelling case that everyone can share in the American Dream with modest effort and a bit of bravery. The Wisdom of 76 may just hold the secret to saving the next generation before they are indoctrinated by the educational system.

John Chisholm's Advice for Unleashing Your Inner Company

John Chisholm has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, CEO & investor. The founder of two successful internet companies, CustomerSat & Decisive Technology, John has some surprisingly simple yet powerful pieces of advice for the aspiring entrepreneur. His new book, Unleash Your Inner Company: Use Passion & Perseverance to Build Your Ideal Business, instructs would-be entrepreneurs to live below their means, favor people over possessions, and find positive feedback loops by affirming their teammates' best qualities. But John's book is more than just an entrepreneurship how-to book – it's a thorough roadmap to the new economy, where nearly everyone will have to be an entrepreneur of one kind or another. Lastly, Unleash Your Inner Company is a manifesto for the independent thinker who wants to create positive-sum value.

Inclusive Capitalism Pt. II: The Entrepreneur's View

What is wrong with our economic system in the year 2015? In the previous show, Bob agreed with his progressive guest – writer and former libertarian Sean McElwee – that cronyism between government and special interests has created an unlevel playing field for the rest of us. Their perspectives only differed on the solution. McElwee sees hope in the equalizing agenda of so-called “inclusive capitalism,” but one might wonder whether certain politicians are merely using this catchy phrase to rebrand the same old wasteful government spending. As usual, the burden of these policies would fall heavily on the most productive members of society – so where is their say in the matter? This weekend, we bring you the counterpoint to McElwee’s eloquent defense of inclusive capitalism. Bob is joined by John Aglialoro, an entrepreneur who has repeatedly leveraged his own successes to create more wealth and prosperity for all. In addition to acting as CEO of fitness equipment manufacturer CYBEX International since 1997, Aglialoro serves as Mayor of the Tavistock Borough in Tavistock, New Jersey. He also bankrolled and co-produced the epic three-part film adaptation of Ayn Rand's famous novel, Atlas Shrugged. Tune in to hear why Aglialoro believes that just plain free-market capitalism is superior to the “inclusive” alternative.

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