Erwan LeCorre on Free Movement in Nature

Erwan LeCorre on Free Movement in Nature

Erwan LeCorre, founder of the MovNat system, spent his childhood exploring the French countryside. In young adulthood he scaled walls and practiced free running (aka “Parkour”) on the streets of Paris. Today he leads an international movement of natural movers reclaiming the techniques our ancestors used to survive in a much wilder world.

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Who Is Transit For? Randal O'Toole on Bay Area Planners

In this episode, Randal O'Toole of the Cato Institute joins Bob to discuss how Plan Bay Area will impact the local landscape and lives of Bay Area residents. O'Toole is equipped with the hard facts and figures that demythologize public transit, including the most romantic transportation method of all: the lofty rail. Why the seeming obsession over this outdated technology? Could the real driving force behind the fixation on rail be how well it fits in with regional planners' latest scheme for "smart growth," aka "urban densification"? As O'Toole writes, it's clear that transit has become a source of political favors to unions, downtown property owners, and rail contractors. It's less clear who else reaps the benefits.

Why Do You Need The Government’s Permission To Earn A Living?

It is perverse to think that in America, a person needs the government’s permission to sell his or her services to another American. It is especially unjust when that permission is routinely denied. If that permission is granted, and that person’s business income doesn’t generate enough tax revenue to satisfy the government’s insatiable appetite, the government can then shut that business down by denying its relicensing.
It is offensive when an industry group can successfully petition the government to keep out their competition. Isn’t lawful competition what the free market is all about? Thanks to organizations such as the Institute for Justice, barriers to honest work are coming down one at a time. In this episode, Bob McNamara, a senior attorney at the IJ who is a front line warrior defending the right to work. McNamara’s stories about the anti-competitive forces at work in transportation will enrage you and his successes will excite you. Taxis, jitney buses, inter city buses, limos, Uber and Lyft… Hear about the defense of capitalism from someone on the front lines.

Whose Transportation System Is It Anyway?

Think back. In the past week have you moved from one place to another? Traveled to work? To Another City? If so, did you travel by car, by plane, by light rail, by “heavy” rail, subway, or by bus? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you must catch this episode with Bob Poole, a founder of Reason Magazine and its Director of Transportation Policy. Whether we’re talking about private toll roads, privatization of airports, Amtrak or High Speed Rail, light rail systems in cities, or intercity buses (remember Greyhound?) your life (and your pocketbook) is affected by transportation policy. As you’ll hear in this podcast, whatever the transportation problem, government is the problem and free markets are the answer.

High Speed Bankruptcy – The California Way

In this episode, Bob welcomes Adrian Moore of Reason Magazine to his show. The topic – high speed rail in California and around the country. High speed rail is the intersection of crony capitalism, wealth transfers to unions and the hocking the future. Why must politicians always find the total absence of a need and then fill it with massive spending? If California proceeds with this project, it will make Boston’s Big Dig seem like the paving of a driveway. Adrian’s expertise and Bob’s exasperation will provide with a week’s worth of adrenalin. Take a valium and tune in.

Boeing Beats Unions by Caving to Unions

This week, the NLRB withdrew their suit against Boeing. Based on a union complaint, The NLRB sought to prevent Boeing from building Dreamliners in union-free South Carolina, instead of union-infested Washington State. Victory for Boeing? Not quite. Boeing caved into union demands in order to get them to withdraw their complaint. What a perfect reason to explore the evils of the American labor movement. In this episode, Bob is honored to welcome first-time guest Vincent Vernuccio, a labor expert with the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Bob expects to examine right to work laws, union hypocrisy, and the basic right of freedom of contract. These issues affect every working American. Don’t miss it.

Planes, Trains, Automobiles AND Free Markets

Even Mussolini made the trains run on time but our democratically elected government can’t seem to get it right.  America’s transportation system is the unfortunate result of central planning gone awry.  Our ineffective transportation cries out for a free market solution.  We need more private toll roads, private bus systems and privately run air-traffic control.  Remember the days when driving was fun and cruising the strip was a pleasurable pastime? Movement in America should be fun and cost effective.  The Libertarian way.  Join Bob and Reason Magazine’s Shirley Ybarra in this episode.  They’ll get you from point A to point B; the freedom way, not the freeway.   Find out more on Sunday at noon Pacific Time on Talk 910-Fox News Radio.

Best of: Government Does Some Things Right? Maybe

This Sunday, Bob interview celebrated author William Eggers about newest book “If We Can Put A Man on The Moon: Getting Big Things Done in Government.” Eggers is policy analyst who believes our great nation should be able to accomplish anything after our feat of sending a man to the moon.   Eggers breaks down the infrastructure of big government and explains why some initiatives have failed, some succeeded and how working together could be the answer to so many problems.