ICE in the Age of Trump

California businesses find themselves wedged between a rock and a hard place. The rock is the Federal Government's recent crackdown on undocumented workers – a head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) says his agency plans to quadruple the number of unannounced visits to work sites, and a recent raid in the Bay Area shows he's serious. The hard place is California's law criminalizing cooperation with ICE when no warrant is presented. State and local leaders are determined to defend their sanctuary status, including Oakland Mayor Libby Shaaf, who announced the upcoming raid on Twitter. This led President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to retaliate with a lawsuit against the state's directives opposing the Federal Government. Of course, illegal immigrants themselves are left in the ultimate predicament by our schizophrenic politics. Republicans are telling them to "Get in Line! And Stay Out!", while Democrats seem content to keep them as second-class citizens in legal limbo between naturalization and deportation. Mitch Jeserich hosts the award-winning Letters & Politics show on KPFA radio, where he frequently hosts discussions on immigration from a left-leaning perspective. He joins Bob to debate the philosophical differences between libertarians and left-liberals when it comes to immigration, and the constitutionality of the Trump administration's challenge to California's sanctuary state status.

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Bob Zadek on Life!Line on *Secret Sauce*

Yesterday, Bob went on Craig Roberts' Life!Line show to discuss his new free ebook, Secret Sauce: The Founders' Original Recipe for Limited American Democracy (now available as a free PDF or on Amazon for $1), and the perils of *too much democracy.*

What happens when we start to think of rights as something granted to us by government, rather than our creator? The Founders created a constitutional republic to protect those rights, and limit the number of rights we are required to give up to an absolute minimum.

Find out why Bob dreads the day we live in a democracy:

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Alex Nowrasteh: How Prop. 187 Turned California Blue

After campaigning on a platform to crack down on illegal immigration, President Elect Trump is now facing a tall order. In enforcing his proposed policies, he will find himself at odds with many state and local governments, which have crafted their own policies in lieu of Congress’s failure to enact immigration reform. Although the issue could be largely resolved with Bob’s preferred laissez-faire approach – to “Let Them All In” – alas, this idea is not popular with everyone. In 1994, Governor Pete Wilson acted on anxieties in the state of California to promote and pass Proposition 187 – aka the “Save Our State Initiative – which would have prevented undocumented immigrants from accessing non-emergency state services, such as public education. Alex Nowrasteh of the Cato Institute writes that this policy (in addition to being ruled unconstitutional several years later) had the unintended consequence of turning California “Blue” (i.e., majority Democrat). Prior to 1994, the hispanic vote split roughly 50-50 among Democrats and Republicans. Afterwards, California steadily swung to the left, as the GOP came to be known as the anti-immigrant party. Alex returns to the show to explain how Republicans went astray, and to offer a history lesson on political parties that ushered their downfall through misguided nativist platforms. They will also discuss why Trump's proposed policies would be a disaster for the Republic, if they can be implemented at all. Call (424) BOB-SHOW to speak with Bob and Alex at any time during the show.


Proposition 187 Turned California Blue | Cato @ Liberty, July 20, 2016 – By Alex Nowrasteh

Twitter: @AlexNowrasteh

Immigration Nation: Nowrasteh Sets it Straight Again

The last time Alex Nowrasteh joined the show, several listeners called in with concerns over Bob and Alex’s boldly open stance on immigration. As a leading immigration scholar with the Cato Institute, Nowrasteh researches, blogs, speaks, and tweets tirelessly in support of a more sane and open border policy. Bob says, “Let them all in” (with a few obvious exceptions). For each alleged issue the callers raised against open borders, Nowrasteh presented actual statistics debunking their misconceptions. You could hear their minds changing in real time. With the Republican primary heating up, we must be educated on the facts of the immigration debate in order to see through the fog of fear-based rhetoric. Bob and Alex will provide a brief history of immigration policy in the United States, and discuss the major presidential candidates' positions on a legal pathway to citizenship, i.e., "amnesty." 

Focus on Immigration: Gary Johnson, Alex Nowrasteh, Elise Foley & More

This week, instead of the usual encore show, we will be airing a remix of the best segments from previous shows on the topic of illegal immigration. This subject is so dear to Bob's heart (and mind) that he has been compelled to revisit it half a dozen times, and he will continue to do so for as long as it remains an issue. 

Bob's stance on immigration: Let them all in.

In defending this position, he has interviewed former two-term Governor and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, Cato Institute immigration expert Alex Nowrasteh, Huffington Post reporter Elise Foley, and Sophia Campos, an aspiring professional and undocumented student at UCLA. This one-hour special will include select segments from each of these interviews, along with lively debate between Bob and his numerous callers. Few subjects elicit such strong emotions from across the spectrum as illegal immigration. This is all the more reason to learn the facts and get answers to the questions you've always been too afraid to ask. Are open borders compatible with a welfare state? Why are our border regions so violent? Are the most recent waves of immigrants assimilating like past generations of newcomers to the United States? Find out, this Sunday at the usual time.

Immigrants – The Ultimate Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is defined as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, usually with considerable initiative and risk.” These qualities have always been valued and cherished in America. Entrepreneurship has improved our quality of life in immeasurable ways and it always will. An immigrant in our country takes as much risk and shows as much initiative as any entrepreneur. We should be spending our treasury to keep them here, not keep them out. The anti-immigration fervor represented by many on the right and some on the left is shameful, bigoted, mean-spirited and contrary to our national ethos. As Bob so often says, “let them all in.” To discuss the economic, social and security aspects of this most emotional issue and more importantly, to replace rhetoric with objectivity, Bob welcomed Cato’s Alex Nowrasteh back to his show. Alex brings his passionate devotion to truth to an issue which is usually discussed only with emotion.

Let Them All In

What was the secret of America’s emergence from a collection of very different British colonies with nothing in common except a love of freedom? Its secret was open borders. “Let them all in,” was our immigration policy . . . and it worked! It brought to America the world’s “tired, . . . poor, . . . huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” And breathe free they did. Yes, they remained tired and perhaps somewhat poor, but their fatigue resulted from the work they did for themselves and their families. Their efforts made America a powerful economic engine. Today, America seems willing to turn its back on the secret sauce of its political and economic success – the conditional welcoming of all who cherish economic and political freedom.   Who could be better to discuss immigration with Bob than Alex Nowrasteh, the immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute’s Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity? Bob and Alex discuss the political, economic and social issues surrounding this most controversial topic. With so much bigotry, misinformation, hyperbole and pandering out there, you need to get the real story.

Immigration Reform Is Broken

Our Founders’ worse fears have materialized, compliments of Janet Napolitano.  For the first time in 233 years, our country has a national police force!  The Department of Homeland Security has deputized the entire nation’s police departments to enforce our racist, arbitrary and un-American immigration laws.  It’s called the Secure Communities Initiative and it makes Commissar Napolitano the Police Chief in Chief. Is that merely a very bad idea or the beginning of the end of locally controlled police departments?  Join Bob and Huffington Post reporter Elise Foley this Sunday at noon to discuss the federal takeover of our cops.  What’s next?  Can it be stopped?