*Equal is Unfair* with Don Watkins

On this show, Bob and Ayn Rand Institute fellow Don Watkins interpret the American Dream through an objectivist lens, in which opportunity is the result of effort and ability plus freedom, not the redistribution of wealth and political privilege. Watkins, a fellow at the Ayn Rand Institute, dropped out of university to attend business school at night while working full-time during the day. After this, he could have gone to work on Wall Street or a Fortune 500 company, and glided into America’s notorious 1% – only to be vilified by the growing choir of income inequality critics. Watkins' crime in their eyes would not have been fraud, or embezzlement. His “privilege” alone would have been sufficient cause for many to indict him, despite the value created through honest finance, such as increased opportunities for those with low incomes to afford a college education, or buy homes and durable consumer goods. Watkins instead chose to apply his talents to the realm of ideas and the foundation of a free society. In his new book *Equal is Unfair: America’s Misguided Fight Against Income Inequality,* Watkins and his co-author, Yaron Brook (Executive Director of ARI), mount a bold attack on a popular narrative about the injustice of current levels of inequality.


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Inclusive Capitalism Pt. II: The Entrepreneur's View

What is wrong with our economic system in the year 2015? In the previous show, Bob agreed with his progressive guest – writer and former libertarian Sean McElwee – that cronyism between government and special interests has created an unlevel playing field for the rest of us. Their perspectives only differed on the solution. McElwee sees hope in the equalizing agenda of so-called “inclusive capitalism,” but one might wonder whether certain politicians are merely using this catchy phrase to rebrand the same old wasteful government spending. As usual, the burden of these policies would fall heavily on the most productive members of society – so where is their say in the matter? This weekend, we bring you the counterpoint to McElwee’s eloquent defense of inclusive capitalism. Bob is joined by John Aglialoro, an entrepreneur who has repeatedly leveraged his own successes to create more wealth and prosperity for all. In addition to acting as CEO of fitness equipment manufacturer CYBEX International since 1997, Aglialoro serves as Mayor of the Tavistock Borough in Tavistock, New Jersey. He also bankrolled and co-produced the epic three-part film adaptation of Ayn Rand's famous novel, Atlas Shrugged. Tune in to hear why Aglialoro believes that just plain free-market capitalism is superior to the “inclusive” alternative.

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Atlas Shrugged, Part III: Now in Theaters, and in Non-Fiction

When Ayn Rand emigrated from Soviet Russia to the United Sates in 1926, she found a mostly free country on the verge of an identity crisis. The US had enjoyed decades of incredible progress at the hands of capitalist innovation in industries like transportation and telecommunications that we now take for granted. Her famous novel Atlas Shrugged held up a mirror to American society, where the engines of these advances – productive, creative individuals – were increasingly punished rather than rewarded. Now, for the first time, fans of Rand and newcomers to her work alike can experience the full epic in film format, as Part III of the movie trilogy opens in theaters across the country. But as the film's producer Harmon Kaslow will explain on tomorrow's show, audiences will exit theaters into a world that is sadly not so different from the fictional realm of Dagny Taggart, Hank Rearden, Wesley Mouch, and John Galt. 

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Galt's Gulch is Right Around The Corner

In the America of Atlas Shrugged, many of the successful and creative members of society went on ”strike” and disappeared to Galt’s Gulch, where they live their lives free of intrusive and overbearing government. Free of takers; free of moochers. Today the truth is better than fiction. No need to find a “gulch,” when there is (or will be) an entire free state. The Free State Project is seeking the commitment of 20,000 Libertarians to move to New Hampshire and build “Galt’s State” where they will “live free or die.” That is all that will be needed for Libertarians to obtain voting control of the state and show the other 49 states how a Libertarian government looks and feels. They’ve called themselves porcupines (a creature only dangerous when disturbed) and they are far along in their goal. In this Sunday’s encore episode, you’ll hear about the FSP firsthand from Carla Gericke, the President of the Free State Foundation Board. Carla’s a corporate attorney, born in South Africa, with a brief stay in the San Francisco Bay Area and she is living the free state life in New Hampshire. Carla is walking the walk as a latter day pioneer.

The Deficit – The Cause; The Effect; The Cure

Atlas Shrugged is a fictional but accurate depiction of the Bush/Obama legacy (one being a mere continuation of the other) showing the grotesque distortions of free markets once crony capitalism and excessive regulations take control.  “The Eagle Has Crashed,” is the first novel by Libertarian, attorney and author Ted Lacksonen and it describes America in a state of post-economic collapse.  The book has been vetted by leading economists who say it is frighteningly poignant.  Unless your primary means of support is a Styrofoam cup and a cardboard sign, the deficit matters to you.  Join Ted and Bob to learn more in this episode.

An Ayn Rand Hour

In this episode, Bob celebrates the making of Atlas Shrugged Part II with the two best possible guests – Harmon Kaslow, the film’s producer and Edward Hudgins, The Director of Advocacy for The Atlas Society. Harmon discusses the making of the movie and how crucial the lessons of the movie are to understanding politics in America during this election cycle. Ed provides the “color commentary,” explaining the essentials of Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and the accuracy of her predictions. Atlas Shrugged – the movie, the principles and the importance to all of us.

Please, Mr. Fed. Let Me Earn a Living

As Ayn Rand has observed, “Capitalism is the system of the future – if man is to have a future.” The lifeblood of capitalism is economic freedom which includes property rights, the freedom of adults to contract with one another, minimal government regulation and freedom to fail. The ranking of the U.S. among the nations of the world on its level of economic freedom continues to drop. How does this affect Joe Sixpack, or even Charlie Chardonnay? In this encore episode, Bob speaks to Dr. Michael Stroup, economics professor at Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas. He has spent his life studying economic freedom. His conclusions will surprise and frighten you. Are we all driving a government-financed Chevy Volts down Hayek’s the Road to Serfdom? Maybe. You won’t want to miss this show.

Atlas Shrugged

How did she know?  55 years ago, Ayn Rand published Atlas Shrugged, which was rated by Book of the Month Club as the second most influential book of all time.  Today, our country is actually living in the hellish world which Rand described.  Government owned auto companies; government run mortgage companies; suffocating government policies stifling entrepreneurship; tax policies and regulations controlling the free market, with “freeloaders” and “moochers” rewarded with the fruits of the labors of the “producers.”  In celebration of the April 15th movie premier of Atlas Shrugged- Part 1, Bob discussed the woman behind the epic novel with David Kelley, President of The Atlas Society (http://www.atlassociety.org/), the organization formed to promote Rand’s philosophy.  The movie and the resulting buzz could affect our future as much as the book has.  Justice Clarence Thomas, Alan Greenspan, and John Stossel have been her followers.  Find out why.  This Sunday at noon (Pacific).