Is Freedom the Future of the GOP?

The Republican Party is in the midst of an identity crisis as establishment leaders, social conservatives, and libertarians all vie for center stage. Will the Party fracture due to these internal divisions, or can it still produce a coherent enough vision to stop the growth of government in every area of our lives? In  “The Republican Party’s Civil War: Will Freedom Win?”, author and editor Edward Hudgins (Director of Advocacy for The Atlas Society) argues for a revival of the principles of self-governance as the moral foundation of the GOP. This rebirth, write Hudgins and his co-authors, may offer the last best chance to rescue the struggling Party, and complete the American Revolution. Hudgins  joins Bob to tell the story of how this unfinished moral revolution began — in the hearts and minds of the Founders — and explains how it can proceed in today’s polarized political environment.

Bob also stakes out the libertarian positions on hot-button social issues – abortion, gay marriage, and immigration – dispelling  the misconceptions that commonly steer popular opinion in the wrong direction. The show concludes with a report on New Jersey’s denial of an application for the license plate “8theist”. What’s at stake from a first amendment perspective?

Links and Notes:

Amazon: “The Republican Party’s Civil War: Will Freedom Win?” by Ed Hudgins

License Plate News Report: GeoBeat News [Video]

Should we Bring Telegrams Back?

In February of 2006, the last telegram was delivered in America. Why did telegrams stop? Simple. They ceased to be profitable and were no longer needed. Hmmm. Shouldn’t those economic principles apply to the entire U.S. Postal Service? After all, it is required to operate like a business, and any business that loses billions every single year ($5.1 billion in 2011) would close up or be closed up by its creditors. However, the Postal Service has 435 members on its Board of Governors (aka House of Representatives) who insist that the office be funded for their own personal gain, yet if a private Board did that, its members would be in jail. The Service shows the merits of privatization, the malpractice of Congress and the inability of government to do anything as efficiently as private business. In this Sunday’s encore episode, Bob spoke to Ed Hudgins, the Director of Advocacy at the Atlas Society. Let’s put the Post Office in the dead letter bin.

An Ayn Rand Hour

In this episode, Bob celebrates the making of Atlas Shrugged Part II with the two best possible guests – Harmon Kaslow, the film’s producer and Edward Hudgins, The Director of Advocacy for The Atlas Society. Harmon discusses the making of the movie and how crucial the lessons of the movie are to understanding politics in America during this election cycle. Ed provides the “color commentary,” explaining the essentials of Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism and the accuracy of her predictions. Atlas Shrugged – the movie, the principles and the importance to all of us.

Atlas Shrugged

How did she know?  55 years ago, Ayn Rand published Atlas Shrugged, which was rated by Book of the Month Club as the second most influential book of all time.  Today, our country is actually living in the hellish world which Rand described.  Government owned auto companies; government run mortgage companies; suffocating government policies stifling entrepreneurship; tax policies and regulations controlling the free market, with “freeloaders” and “moochers” rewarded with the fruits of the labors of the “producers.”  In celebration of the April 15th movie premier of Atlas Shrugged- Part 1, Bob discussed the woman behind the epic novel with David Kelley, President of The Atlas Society (, the organization formed to promote Rand’s philosophy.  The movie and the resulting buzz could affect our future as much as the book has.  Justice Clarence Thomas, Alan Greenspan, and John Stossel have been her followers.  Find out why.  This Sunday at noon (Pacific).

Oral Roberts Meets Dr. Welby

This Sunday, Bob will be joined by Edward Hudgins, Director of Advocacy at the Atlas Society to discuss the latest chapter in the Obamacare travesty.  The health care proposal in congress is now being geared up to include coverage of faith based healing and other outrageous lobbyist driven ideas.  Instead of being sent to a doctor when you’re sick, you may be turned over to a spiritual hotline to help you with your aches and pains.  Oy vey.