Inauguration Special – Bob on KFAX

The page has officially turned on President Obama's two terms of ever-expanding executive power. However, while the Obama administration has served as a steady foil for Bob's small-government libertarianism since the start of this show, now is no time to start going soft on the executive branch. Bob went on Craig Roberts' Life!Line show to comment on President Trump's inauguration speech. The show aired on KFAX (1100AM in the SF Bay), and begins with the full length of Trump's speech starting at 5pm, followed by commentary by Bob and two other local guests. What should we make of Trump's proposed "buy American, hire American" rules? Are these compatible with his promise to give power back to the people? Regardless of what happens in the next chapter, we look forward to bringing you the freshest libertarian ideas, from the smartest guests in radio, and continuing to stand up for individual freedom for the next four years.

Listen below:

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"For 22 years, Craig Roberts has hosted KFAX’s popular afternoon drive talk show, “Life!Line,” Northern California’s longest running and most widely listened to show of its kind. The program features a multitude of subjects and newsmakers, covering politics, current affairs, family issues and ministry opportunities around the San Francisco Bay Area, across the nation and around the world."