Casey Given on Students for Liberty

Of all the areas where liberties are under assault, college campuses may be the battleground with the highest stakes. This show has covered the rise of restrictive campus speech codes, which have a "chilling effect" on free thought and expression. But at the same time, resistance is growing. Students everywhere are looking for alternative outlets to the classroom, where they can voice opinions that might otherwise be silenced or punished. Student groups, comprising like-minded liberty-lovers, may be the last, best hope to keep the flame of freedom alive. Casey Given is Director of Communications for Students for Liberty, a growing network of liberty-oriented college clubs. Casey joins Bob from Washington DC to explain how SFL is empowering students to push back against their professors' not-so-hidden political agendas, and to becoming a force capable of challenging the status quo in years to come. Bob and Casey will also discuss the ever-important question of why we must defend our liberties, in spite of the relatively low short-term reward of such sacrifices.