Renée Flaherty on Civil Forfeiture Reform

The Institute for Justice, the nation’s leading public interest law firm, picks its battles carefully. Our liberties are being assaulted from multiple angles, leaving their dream team of attorneys to engage in legal triage – winning big cases for individuals that then set solid precedents to defend the rest of the population. Renée Flaherty recently argued in defense of a young man named Charles Clarke, whose $11,000 in cash savings were seized at an airport through so-called “civil forfeiture.” Although Clarke was never charged with a crime, and had a legitimate explanation for why he was carrying the cash, airport officers wrote an affidavit expressing suspicion that the money had been earned through a drug deal. Next, several police departments quickly laid claim on the "booty", effectively rendering Clarke guilty until proven innocent. Thankfully, and in large part due to the IJ’s efforts, states are taking a second look at civil forfeiture laws. Senator Rand Paul has even proposed a federal law that would rein in police forces and ratchet up the standard for probable cause. Bob is thrilled to have Flaherty as his guest this Sunday, to explain how the Institute for Justice is helping to stem the tide of civil forfeiture, a practice which has more than doubled since President Obama took office. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention – call 1-800-345-5639 to join the conversation at any time.