Alex Nowrasteh on Misconceptions about Open Borders

The framers of the Declaration of Independence held the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to be self-evident. Today, however, our political leaders stand idly by as many around the world are denied these rights and given no alternative to their repressive home regimes. The GOP wants to be known as the party of freedom and opportunity, but many of its leading presidential contenders wish to limit this good fortune to those who happen to have been born within our borders. Now, Hillary Clinton has come out in favor of expanding amnesty for a large percentage of the 11 million undocumented U.S. residents, leaving Republicans struggling to appeal to hispanics without losing the approval of anti-immigration conservatives. Not a single Republican seeking the presidential nomination has yet to come out in favor of the one policy that could truly distinguish them in the eyes of both hispanics and freedom-loving conservatives: Opening the borders to all foreigners who desire to live by our laws. Alex Nowrasteh, an immigration scholar at the Cato Institute and frequent guest on the show, has pointed out that such a policy has nothing to do with granting favors or expanding government. To the contrary, open borders merely allow the voluntary movement of people to the United States. He joins the program to go over the current crop of Republican candidates’ stances on immigration, and to provide them with the intellectual ammunition to go boldly where no Republican has gone before. The question is, will they listen?