Beltway Jargon Decoded with David Mark

On any given night, television audiences can tune into an elaborate unscripted reality show in which the stakes are high, the stars are hungry, and the stage is global. No, this program is not *The Amazing Race* – it’s whatever happens to be on C-SPANMSNBC, or any other politically-focused news network, and politicians and pundits are its stars. The theater of politics is its own specialized arena, with jargon to match. David Mark and his co-author Chuck McCutcheon have been professional spectators (aka political journalists) of this show for decades, and have documented an elaborate vocabulary in their new political dictionary, “Dog-Whistles, Walk-backs and Washington Handshakes.”  Much like a modern-day translation is needed to fully understand Shakespearean plays and sonnets, Mark and McCutcheon’s book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand what’s really being said in political speeches, debates and interviews. David Mark is a San Francisco writer, and former senior editor of Politico. He joins Bob in the studio, just in time for the start of election season, to discuss his new book.