Inclusive Capitalism Pt. II: The Entrepreneur's View

What is wrong with our economic system in the year 2015? In the previous show, Bob agreed with his progressive guest – writer and former libertarian Sean McElwee – that cronyism between government and special interests has created an unlevel playing field for the rest of us. Their perspectives only differed on the solution. McElwee sees hope in the equalizing agenda of so-called “inclusive capitalism,” but one might wonder whether certain politicians are merely using this catchy phrase to rebrand the same old wasteful government spending. As usual, the burden of these policies would fall heavily on the most productive members of society – so where is their say in the matter? This weekend, we bring you the counterpoint to McElwee’s eloquent defense of inclusive capitalism. Bob is joined by John Aglialoro, an entrepreneur who has repeatedly leveraged his own successes to create more wealth and prosperity for all. In addition to acting as CEO of fitness equipment manufacturer CYBEX International since 1997, Aglialoro serves as Mayor of the Tavistock Borough in Tavistock, New Jersey. He also bankrolled and co-produced the epic three-part film adaptation of Ayn Rand's famous novel, Atlas Shrugged. Tune in to hear why Aglialoro believes that just plain free-market capitalism is superior to the “inclusive” alternative.

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