Making Peace with the Speech Police – Dispatch from Mizzou




Ian Paris is an undergraduate at University of Missouri (aka "Mizzou"), but graduate students and faculty on campus are turning to him for leadership on the principles of a free academy – namely, freedom of speech. How did things get so upside down? Paris joins this special show, hosted by BZS producer Charlie Deist, to tell the story of how events on campus quickly escalated to front page national news.

Paris is President of the Mizzou Young Americans for Liberty chapter which has created multiple environments for dialogue, including a "Free Speech Wall" – well-timed to coincide with the increasingly un-progressive tone of student groups on campus, including one professor's call for "muscle" to deal with a student reporter.

Paris reminds fellow Free Speech advocates that you can't defeat hate with more hate – or diversity training – and he shares what's worked and what hasn't. Here's one tip: Broaden your vocabulary. Don't be afraid to use, and accurately define, words like diversity and justice. After all, it's Liberty *and Justice* for all.) Listen for the rest of Ian's points, and stay tuned for the closing audio of Professor Click's altercation with student reporters.