Fred L. Smith, Jr. on Cuba Libre

The Cuban Embargo has been around too long for many of us to remember why it was enacted in the first place. It has always been justified on the same grounds: by preventing U.S. dollars and goods from reaching Cuba, our government can weaken the country's dictatorship. However, 54 years after its enactment, Fidel and Raul Castro still retain tight control over the country. Furthermore, Cubans seem to resent the U.S. more than their own leaders for harm done by ‘el bloqueo.' So much for that logic. 

Citing the insanity of continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results, President Obama has begun to normalize diplomatic relations with Cuba for the first time since the Cold War. This includes a liberalization of small-scale transactions and limited travel for Americans. While some are already making flight reservations, others have moral and strategic misgivings about potentially empowering the Castros economically when they deny their citizens political freedom. Listen to Fred L. Smith, Jr., founder of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, join Bob for the full hour to explain why he’s giving “Two Cheers for Cuba Libre.”