It’s not the Deficit, Stupid

The talking heads and political pundits are up in arms over the deficit.  Should they raise taxes, reduce spending or both?!   Would cutting entitlements solve the problem?   They’re all missing the point.  The battle today is a battle of monumental importance and it is over nothing less that the direction of our civic life for the next hundred years.  We must redefine the relationship between citizens and government before we can move forward.   When the Founders created this country, they fulfilled their mission of creating a nation that would stand the test of time.  America has lasted much longer than any of the naysayers believed possible.   But now there is stagnation and we need to decide which direction we are going in.  The fight today is about far more than money.  Money is only a code word, a placeholder, for the real issue of individual freedom vs. government domination.  In this episode, Bob is  joined by Dave Shellenberger: radio guest, prolific blogger and Libertarian commentator.  Together they explain these issues in way no other media has even tried to do.