The Case for a New (Purple) California

Listen LIVE, Sunday — 2/18: Citizen influencer Tom Reed on the constitutional exit strategy from the Golden State’s botched leadership. 

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Sunday, 2/18, 8-9am PT

Check your local listings in SF, Sacramento, Seattle, Portland and Denver or get the livestream.

To catch Tom’s live interview on The Bob Zadek Show, get the livestream here, or tune into 860AM in SF (check other local listings here). Call in with your questions to (424) BOB-SHOW.

Read the transcript of Tom’s previous interview with producer Charlie Deist here.

F.H. Buckley on *The Republic of Virtue*

F.H. Buckley on *The Republic of Virtue*

When Frank H. Buckley last joined the show, he surprised Bob with a cogent, intellectual case for the election of Donald Trump. Buckley, a Foundation Professor at George Mason University’s Scalia School of Law, advised Team Trump on campaign speeches, and geared his last book, The Way Back, towards a set of practical solutions to “restore the promise of America.”

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