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In the popular mythology, one sacrosanct idea remains hallowed above all others – democracy. What gets lost in this narrative are the Founders' deep divisions and wariness of pure democracy. Hence their decision to form a constitutional republic, with multiple checks and balances on all kinds of tyranny.

*Secret Sauce* shows how democracy can prevent the accumulation of power in the hands of few, or enable it.


  • Don Boudreaux

  • Thomas Fleming

  • ‘William Maurer

  • Clark Neily

  • Alex Nowrasteh

  • Ilya Somin

  • Todd Zywicki

Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as too much democracy. Find out what this means for America in 2017 and beyond.


  • Bryan Caplan

  • Jonathan Haidt

  • Greg Lukianoff

  • Harvey Silverglate

  • Jonathan Rauch

  • R. Shep Melnick

Each guest presents a different angle on how college became such an overrated product.

Universities used to be places where ideas could be challenged. Today they are bubbles insulating students from “offensive” speech.

Meanwhile, $100 billion dollar subsidies are inflating a financial bubble in student loan debt.

Telling the “iGen” they’ve wasted four years of their life will provoke some anxiety, but it’s time to burst their bubble.

Liberal and conservative states alike are re-discovering the virtues of Federalism, in which states serve as the testing grounds for different policies, and citizens "vote with their feet" if they don't like what their government is doing with their tax dollars. A house divided cannot stand, but a healthy competition among the United States can make America more dynamic and prosperous than ever before.


  • Sen James Buckley

  • Prof. Richard Epstein

  • Justice Clint Bolick

  • William Watkins III

  • Cliff Maloney, Jr.

  • Joe Matthews

These interviews explore the federalist revival taking place across the country from eight difference perspectives.